81 Pearl St Brooklyn, NY 11201

Woodworking Classes, Tools and Analog Crafts FOR GROWN-UPS

Common Sense Shop Courses


Saturday Mornings in the Shop $225

Power Tools for Beginners       

Students will learn to use hand and power tools to make small projects: simple wooden boxes, band saw and jewelry boxes small shelf, and lots other small projects too!    -we'll show you how!

Two weeks/per project $225.00  

Saturday Mornings 10am-1pm

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Shop Classes and Individual Projects

  More comprehensive classes, students will Learn to use hand and power tools to make one or two projects: step stool, small side table, wooden chest or tool chest or hanging wall shelf or doll house and other projects  Five weeks $550.00 plus $100.00 

Students get 1 extra hour of shop time / bench time  included per class  for some solo work finishing  clean-up

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