Real-World course offerings

Common Sense Courses

  At The DUMBO Workshop we offer a straight-forward, project-based curriculum designed to teach you the fundamentals of working with your hands and tools--safely and sensibly. You’ll learn how to approach a wide-range of projects, handle different materials, how to use hand and power tools with an emphasis on workshop safety.    

 We want to share the simple joy and satisfaction that comes from building something with your own hands. We take the mystery out of handiwork, we are here to empower our students with skills, a rationale and the tenacity to tackle projects with confidence.  

Real-World Course Offerings

  • Shop Classes We offer Shop Classes or Custom Curriculumto Develop Skills for beginners or Challengefolks with more experience.Students will learn to use Hand and Power-Tools to complete a variety of projects
  • Have a project on your mind?  we can help

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We Do Custom Work Too

Our Business has been in dumbo 25 Years

We make Kitchen Cabinets and Bookcases

Workstations and Desks

Zinc and Copper Wrapped Counters

Scenenery and Props

We do many  types of Wood and Metal Work and More....  


We'll take care of everything!

Studios and Workspaces for Rent

We have several Studio Workspaces Availabe

Work here in our highly productive environment

100-300 square feet   Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Workbenches, Sawhorses and Tables availabe

Come in, there's room to spread out and do your messy project! 

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